Learn to fly or have a flight test with Bruce Abbott, the founder of Bateleur Aviation.

The professional approach to pilot training in Europe.

Bruce Abbott is also a "Fear of Flight" therapist with a qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy endorsed by the British Psychological Society 

   Flight Training

From Dream to Reality!



Thank you for enquiring about Bateleur Aviation Pilot Training


Here you can find information about:


The organisation

How to obtain a Private Pilots Licence and other ratings

Flight tests

Types of aircraft used for training

Flying training gift vouchers

The minimum requirements to obtain licences and ratings

Web-based theoretical knowledge training

Types of courses for licences and ratings


You can contact Bruce on 07841 465865

email bruceabbott@hotmail.co.uk

Bateleur Aviation is linked with "The PPL Ground School".

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