Flying training: How much will it cost?

Quality flying training is given on a one to one basis. You will have one flight instructor, from start to finish; providing that is what you want. Bateleur Aviation is a CAA registered training organisation, and follows the EASA flight training syllabi.

Below is a list of typical prices. Actual prices will be quoted subject to location and aircraft type.

60 minutes
Cessna 150 £180.00
Cessna 152 £180.00
Cessna 172 £199.00
Tiger Moth (tailskid) £299.00
Cap 10B £299.00
Other aircraft on application




The above prices are for times logged and include: VAT, base aerodrome landing fees at some BUT NOT ALL aerodromes, fuel & briefings. There will be no "surprises". All costs will be laid out in detail and agreed.


Training on private aircraft is £75 per hour flight time, £180 for half a day (up to 3 hours total time excluding breaks) or £320 for a day (more than 3 hours and up to 6 hours total time excluding breaks). Travelling expenses may also apply (this will be agreed)


"Ground School"

Tuition is offered for the theory subjects in preparation for the written examinations.
One to one "ground school" costs £40.00 per hour. Rates per person reduce when 2 or more people attend together.

PPL ground school courses are available and web based learning for 30 consecutive evenings (one per week) at a cost of £600 per person plus exam fees (if taken), will soon be available

Whole day tuition for one person (6 hours in the classroom).................£240.00

Whole day tuition for 2 people (6 hours in the classroom), per person.....£175.00

Whole day tuition for more than 2 people ......................please apply for rates.


Examinations and Flight Tests

All PPL, IMC, IR(R) and MEP written examinations cost £35 per attempt per examination.

Flight tests: Skills Tests and Proficiency Tests:.................................£200.00 per attempt

Special discounted rates for members of Cornwall

Flying Club and owners at Eggesford Aerodrome


Location of Training

Any suitable aerodrome within the U.K. and anywhere in the world on "G" registered aircraft with U.K. licence holders.


You can reach Bruce Abbott on 07841 465865 or 

by email at

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