Typical costs:

Aerobatics Course.
Under EASA rules a pilot must have an aerobatic rating in order to carry out aerobatics. There is a prescribed syllabus that includes many different manouevres. You need to learn the basics of recoveries from unusual attitudes and spinning as well as the manoeuvres you wish to fly. To start we generally use a Cessna 150 Aerobat and, in association with the tiger club a Tiger Moth aircraft or a CAP 10B. Other aircraft are available. Training can be carried out in your own aircraft providing all CAA regulations and guidelines are met.


Aerobatic Aircraft


60 minutes

Cessna 150 Aerobat £195.00
Tiger Moth (Tail skid) £299.00
Cap 10 (Tail wheel) £299.00
Boeing Stearman on application
All prices include: VAT, Base Landing Fees, Fuel & Briefings.


Call 07841 465865, or email bruceabbott@hotmail.co.uk

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