What Flight Options are available? 

Trial Lessons: A trial lesson allows the student to take the controls of the aeroplane and have a go at flying whilst under the watchful eye of a qualified Flying Instructor. The flight will be in the aircraft of your choice which could be the Cessna 152 shown. Trial flights can be for 30 minutes, 45 minutes , 1 hour or more.
Vintage Aircraft Flights: For those who like the open air, a flight in a vintage aircraft such as a Tiger Moth or Boeing Stearman or the closed cockpit of a Harvard, will provide the ultimate thrill. Flights in these aircraft can include aerobatics. These flights can be for 20 minutes, 30 minutes 45 minutes or 1 hour.

How long a flight should I purchase?

If you are new to handling a light aircraft but are reasonably confident that you will enjoy the experience, try 45 or 60 minutes.


How much does it cost?

Flight costs vary from aerodrome to aerodrome. Once you have descided where you would like to fly from a cost can be quoted. Typical costs are shown below.


Trial Lessons & Vintage Flights typical cost from:

Aircraft type 30 Minute 45 Minute 60 Minute
Cessna 150/152 £95 £135 £175
Robin DR400-120 £99 £140 £190
Cessna (Aerobatics) £105 £150 £195
Tiger Moth £199 £249 £399    
Harvard prices on application


Please telephone for special rates for existing Bateleur Aviation Customers. Dates are arranged subject to bookings received, locations chosen and aircraft chosen. Prices will be then be agreed.


What is included in each package? Terms and conditions.

At first you will have a safety talk and a talk on how to use the controls to manoeuvre the aircraft. Then you will enjoy the experience of your chosen flight


All prices quoted include VAT where applicable.

There is no surcharge for credit or debit card payments. Although most major credit and debit cards are accepted (except American Express), not all locations accept card payments. Vouchers not redeemed after 12 months become invalid and the value of the voucher donated to charity.
The prices quoted will be frozen for six months from the date of issue of the voucher. Flights taken in the second six month period will be subject to a price adjustment supplement if there had been a price change at any time from the date of purchase of the voucher until the date the flight is taken.

If none of the aircraft listed above appeal, then let me have your preference and once they have been located, quotations will be given.

Thank you again for enquiring about flying with Bateleur Aviation.

You can contact Bruce Abbott on 07841 465865 or

you can e-mail: bruceabbott@hotmail.co.uk

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